Poverty in Indonesia

Poverty is a situation where people cannot fulfill their prime needs, such as cloth, food, and house. Many countries had a poverty problem, such as Africa, Brazil, India, and Indonesia. In Indonesia poverty are moreover happen by the time. This essay seeks to evaluate proposed solutions to the problem of poverty in Indonesia and propose possible solution, those are family planning program and having no children before marry, improving work opportunities and give the incentive for poor people and unemployed so they can provide him or herself and also for their family, improving and give more opportunities education for poor children, utilize the natural resources in an efficient way, and Improving the training and equipments for farmers which are related to agriculture and natural resources management. Those are possible solution to solve the poverty in Indonesia that can solve the poverty problem.

Poverty is the biggest problem in Indonesia beside the corruption problem. This situation is very sadden because many people are cannot fulfill their needs, in contrast Indonesia have abundant nature power. Citizen should can fulfill their needs by using the abundant nature and the natural resources that Indonesia have, but nowadays many greedy people did not utilize the natural resources in efficient way. Sometimes they selling the natural resources for their own business or just saving it for their needed and did not care about others. The poverty in Indonesia is decrease in 2006 from 17.72% to 16.58% in 2007, but in fact there are still many people live under the destitution stripe. It means the number of the research is still a fake number. According to Kompas.com, poverty always increases because of population in Indonesia is growing fast and sharp increasing the prime needs. Citizen who are have the productive age like to have many children after they got married. Sometimes they did not consider about the future how to fulfill their children needs. This case is often happen to the grass root, this is make the situation is getting worse. According to Kwik Kian Gie opinion, poverty in Indonesia happened because of being sold by our own nation. Government sells many assets of wealth nature to the plunderer countries. Indonesia has many assets actually, but because of the economical and political problem, government and business people likes to sell the assets to the plunderer countries merely to gain profit and get much money for the individual profit. By selling assets to the plunderer countries, it will not help a crisis problem in Indonesia, although it will make the condition is getting worse, because the plunderer countries will have empower in Indonesia and it will just make Indonesia become poorer.

This poverty problem will be affected to the economical and financial problem, the citizen, the government, and Indonesia country. Poverty problem are very influenced to the economical and financial problem, because government should to change the system of the economic and financial in this country to reduce the poverty. The affected for the government is government should to make several wisdoms to keep the condition getting better and not become worse and much better so that the poverty problem has been solved. The citizen and the country are the most affected of the poverty problem. Citizen is the victim of the poverty, and they are who experienced that poverty happened. And for the country will cannot grow if the citizens are not prosperous and might be the worst is the country will become in disorder and crushed.

The poverty problem should be solving because it is for defends people life and for protects that country and also it for the prosperity and success of that country so that Indonesia will be back to normal condition and can compete in every aspects with all the countries and can become a develop country. As the result of the poverty in Indonesia, there are several way wisdoms for government to try to solve the poverty problem, and some of the wisdoms are already success in Brazil and India to solving the poverty problem.

The first program is government should make wisdom for the citizen to having no children before marry and for the citizen who already getting married should to make a family planning program. Many young people in Indonesia are having a child before they getting marry, it will make the population is growing fast and uncontrolled. Financial crisis problem will getting increase also. If the population is always increasing from year to year it will be very hard for the government to control and manage the country. The advantage of this program is it will avoid the population growth, so that the need wants can be bridled. The disadvantage of this program is it will not work for all people, because not all the citizen who already getting married is wants to make a family planning program and people who have an enough money and riches will not worries anymore to fulfill their families needed, and it still possible if the population growth still increase.

Second, improving work opportunities and give the incentive for poor people and unemployed so they can provide him or herself and also for their families. This program came from government and entrepreneurs. By improving work opportunities it is a good chance for the unemployed to get a job. By working, people will earn money to fulfill their needs. It will decrease the number of unemployed and it will decrease the number of poverty in Indonesia automatically. But, this program might be not really work to solve the poverty problem, because nowadays in global economical and financial crisis problem is very hard to open the job opportunities. With many citizens in Indonesia it will not balance between the job opportunities and the number of population. The job opportunities which are still available still not enough to patch all the unemployed. And also not all the unemployed have an enough ability to get a better job.

The third program is improving and gives more opportunities education for poor children. This program also came from government. The advantage is it will create nation successor that clever, by giving a good education for poor people, Indonesia will have many good quality citizen and they will improving this country in the future. If the citizens are smart, brilliant and a good moral, it wills small possibility the country will get the same problem again. Precisely the nation successor will repair the condition of that country which already becomes worse. The deficiency of this program is it will not available in all cities. Even though it will be available in all cities, it will take a long time and might be just working effectively in some cities.

The fourth program is pushing the economic development and government support for the grass root. If the economic development is growing good, the finance condition and economical will be stable. All the goods price will also stable, the citizen can defend their needs and their buying power.

The fifth program is utilizing the natural resources in an efficient way. This program has to conduct by government, business people, and also the citizens. The natural resources that Indonesia has are many and uncountable. If the government, business people and the citizens utilizing the natural resources in the right way and in an efficient way, the natural resources will fulfill the citizens needs. Government and business people should have to manage how to utilizing the natural resources. Often happen that business people and greedy people are selling the natural resources for their individual profit. They only thing is just how to get much money without thinking and consider about the effect for the other citizen and also for the country itself. Government should give the punishment for the people who are using the natural resources with their own will. If the natural resourcing is managed in an efficient way, the citizens will get the welfare and also the country itself will get the income if government or business people sell some of the natural resources to the right buyers. The deficiency of this solution is hard to find and hard to explore, so that it will be inefficient if only rely on the natural resources to fulfill the need.

Pushing the agriculture sector and commerce sector are the sixth program. In candidate president debate on June, 25, 2009, Jusuf Kalla said those two factors are taking in about 60% Indonesian workers nowadays. By giving a fish and fishing rod is not enough yet, now Indonesian people have to able to make a fishing rod and a boat. Develop with their own ability without support or influence of others, and not dispatch Indonesian workers to other country that will be making many problems. Jusuf Kalla also adding that Indonesia should to stop the gas export while the home town needs is not fulfilled yet. A gas is one of the resources which are very required for all the citizens. Every day, gas is very useful for many activities, for example, a household always need a gas for cooking. Moreover gas is very difficult to find, and it was scarcer. For grass root, they are hard to buy a gas because beside it is difficult to find, the price is also too high for them. A government support is still not enough for them, because governments sometimes not too examine what is the grass root needs and the support that came from government is still not enough to fulfill their needs.

The last solution which is very compatible with Indonesia situation and condition is improving the training and equipments for farmers which are related to agriculture and natural resources management and also for shepherds. This solution came from government, and people who are understand well about agriculture and farming, particularly an agriculture scholar. This program will obtain many advantages for many people and for the income of Indonesia. If the farmers are more trained and having good quality equipments, it will increase crop yields, and supporting increase country’s production. People will easier to get their prime needs, which is rice, Indonesian basis food, and also the other food such as chilly, union, tomato and many more. And also for the shepherds, the production of milk and meat from the cattle will fulfill the food needs and also will increase the nutrition of food.  This solution also has a deficiency, the deficiency is the harvest will be not working if the unexpected climate changes not definitely because of global warming affected.

Those are six solutions that already done and still in process, there are still some problem in those program, and it still need evaluation for those programs. But, each still have the abundance and deficiency.

The abundances of those programs are decreasing the birth growth, give the job opportunity for the unemployed and fulfill the citizen need by utilize the natural resources in an efficient way. The deficiencies are it is not work for all spouse couple, not all the unemployed will getting a job because of does not have an enough ability, it will be inefficient if rely on utilize the natural resources to fulfill the needs.

The most effective solution is improving work opportunities and gives the incentive for poor people and unemployed so they can provide him or herself and also for their family. Open the job opportunity from the entrepreneurs and government will be very influential for the unemployed, by giving training and exercise for the worker trainee before getting a job will be improvement human resources.

The reason is if the number of unemployed is decreased, it means people have a job and people can fulfill their needs and improve their welfare and this program was worked to solve poverty in India and Brazil.

All the possible solutions have relation because one program will influence the other program.

To solve the poverty problem in Indonesia should be proceeded in a manner way, so this problem will be solved perfectly as all people expected.



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