Dear Dad,

I just want to say…

I am so grateful for having you as my father.

You’re smart, funny, hard worker, ambitious, veryfriendly and have a lot of friends.

I don’t need that kind of dad who loves to post something sweet in social media.

I don’t need that kind of dad who always says “love you”.

I don’t need that kind of dad who loves to kiss and hug his daughter every time he has a chance.

I know you also not those types of Dad 😀

And all I need is…

A dad who says, “Don’t forget to pray on time”.

A dad who says “May your hijab will istiqomah”

A dad who says, “If you love me, please obey your husband. He is your priority now.”

A dad who says, “Congratulations you’re a mom now! I believe you’ll be a great one. And I’m so proud.”

And what matter the most is a dad who loves my mother. Who taking care of her and give her the best of you for the rest of your life.

Because, the way you treat your wife is reflecting how you treat your kids.

Dear Dad, here I am looking right into your eyes. I am so happy and very grateful with the things I have now. Don’t worry about me anymore.  I have a great man as my husband. Since that ijab qabul, he officially took over your “job” over me.

So Dad, please let me do my own and let me do what I love. All I need is just your support and pray.

Thank you for being a wonderful father.


Love always,

-Your (oldest) little girl.-


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